I’m New

lutheran church santa clarita


We’re glad you’re here.  New is good, new is exciting, but most of all, new is the start of something life changing.  We say that Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Santa Clarita is here to joyfully bring the love of Christ to the whole world — and it’s something we strive for everyday.  We hope you take a look around, and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us — we’re not shy, and we don’t bite!

What to expect?

We’re Lutheran, we’re LCMS, we’re in Santa Clarita, and we’re “The best little Lutheran church in Santa Clarita!”  Not sure what being Lutheran means?  Check out the “being Lutheran” page!  As a relatively new congregation in the Santa Clarita Valley we’re still growing so there are lots of helping hands each and every week.  Just because we’re still growing though doesn’t mean we don’t have some great ministries!  We have thriving small groups, Sunday school, youth group, and great community outreach programs.

OK, When and where?

So you’re ready and want to know where and when?  No problem!  Check out our locations page for more information on our services and worship locations.  When you get there don’t forget to check out our welcome table and wonderful greeters!